What We Do

Comprehensive Forensic Consulting Services

North East Forensics LLC Provides the Following Services Relating to Forensic Document Examinations:

  • Signature Comparisons
  • Handwriting Comparisons
  • Typewriter Comparisons
  • Alterations
  • Obliterations/Erasures
  • Signature/ Handwrinting Forgery 

Indented Writing:

  • Counterfeit/Composite Documents
  • Photocopy/Fax Comparisons
  • Charred/Damaged Document Restoration
  • Stamp/Facsimile Impressions
  • Physical Matching of Document Components

Imprints and Impressions

  • Crime Scene Review
  • Casting/Photography
  • Case Review
  • Comparisons
  • Manufacturer Identification
  • Stamp/Facsimile Impressions
    (including Footwear, Tire Tracks, and Other Impressions)