Skinny mobile top up deals

Skinny mobile top up deals

Customers only pay for what they actually want. Skinny says it's based on a model called common sense. Being a prepay brand means not being locked in with a contract. You get everything you need and nothing you don't, plus award-winning customer service. Consumer Trusted is designed to advance the interests of New Zealand consumers. By accrediting businesses committed to delivering fair and exceptional customer experiences beyond consumer law requirements we recognise stand-out business practices, provide consumers with confidence and lead the way in raising the standards of retail and service providers.

Skinny Mobile and Roaming Plans

Smartphone contracts can end up costing a lot every month — but if you separate your phone from your mobile provider, you can save a lot with a SIM-only deal. Whatever your needs and habits, there's a good chance you're paying to much at the moment. Switching to a cheaper provider is easy, and you can keep your number with no hassle. SIM only means you are not paying for a phone. You don't pay anything with regards to a phone device, as each plan requires you to have an existing phone. The known networks are NOT the cheapest in most instances.

New Zealand's recent arrival of Skinny Direct and Warehouse Mobile offer cheaper data and calling bundles than the likes of Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees. If you're with a big network, you're probably overpaying. Most SIM-only deals are for 28 days, 30 days or one month. This means you've got more flexibility to cancel, upgrade or downgrade the plan you pick. You can switch providers without paying penalties. Even though contracts are 30 days, you will probably have a credit check done.

While this is mostly a formality, if you do have bad credit your application may be declined and you will need to stick to a pay-as-you-go SIM provider. Also, if you're already paying off a phone you may be flagged as a higher risk customer. Check the promotion and special offer details. You'll need to have an unlocked phone. You can find out if the phone is locked by putting a SIM from another provider. Phones bought from overseas or via Trade Me will specify if they are unlocked or locked, so always buy an unlocked phone to save any hassle and extra costs.

Check the signal strength where you live and work. Switching from a contract to a SIM deal? Tell your current service provider ASAP! Keeping your number is easy. Low Users. Warehouse Pick'n Go Combos What you get: You can keep your existing number Warehouse Mobile may increase the price at any time No credit check required, and you can be online in minutes with a new SIM. Medium Users. However, if you are happy to skip the face to face customer service, Skinny Direct offers big savings to a medium data user.

This plan offers excellent value for anyone who uses around 4GB a month and makes a decent amount of calls. It's available to new customers, and existing Skinny customers who want to change plan. Need-to-knows One-month rolling contract. Tethering is permitted within your data allowance. You can keep your existing number Skinny Direct may increase the price at any time You'll need to pass the credit check to get the plan There is no top up - when you sign up for Skinny Direct, you register your credit or debit card allowing you to buy plans and add-ons by using your card, without having to top up.

High Users. For the data demons, these are our two top picks with more than 8GB of 4G data each month, as well as a reasonable number of minutes. This plan offers decent value for anyone who uses around 10GB a month and makes a decent amount of calls. It's available to new customers, and existing 2Degrees customers who want to change plan. You can keep your existing number 2Degrees may increase the price at any time You'll need to pass the credit check to get the plan.

You'll need to commit to a month contract, and the bonus 1GB per month data is only for the first 12 months. This is a fairly decent meaty all-inclusive offering from Spark, although 2GB may be a bit of a challenge for more aggressive data users. It's available to new customers, and existing Spark customers who want to change plan. You can keep your existing number. Telecommunications Dispute Resolution TDR deals with complaints from consumers about any product or service provided by their telecommunications company.

As the customer of a New Zealand network, you have the right to make a complaint. It's a free and independent service, but you will need to follow their process to progress a complaint. Before you complain, you'll need to raise the issue with your network directly via their complaints form or customer service team Once you have done this, you must wait for a response. The process is impartial, and once a decision is made, Your network will usually abide by the ruling should it be in the wrong.

Related guides: How this website works MoneyHub. For this reason, we believe in being completely upfront about how this website works, its strengths and its weaknesses. We are a journalistic online resource with the aim of providing New Zealanders with the best money guides, tips and tools. We cannot accept liability for any decision made based on our information. The information on this website does not constitute financial advice in any form, and we are not affiliated to any company mentioned on this site.

In rare instances a provider will change a price or product before we've had a chance to update our information. We don't allow comments directly on this website, but invite all readers who wish to discuss anything about our content to visit our Facebook page. Our values statement is simple: Best buy low user. Best Buy Medium User. Best Buy High User. Best Buy Other Plans. Most SIM-only deals are for 28 days, 30 days or one month This means you've got more flexibility to cancel, upgrade or downgrade the plan you pick.

Even though contracts are 30 days, you will probably have a credit check done While this is mostly a formality, if you do have bad credit your application may be declined and you will need to stick to a pay-as-you-go SIM provider. You'll need to have an unlocked phone Check your phone, as some phones from Telecom, Vodafone, Skinny and 2degrees will be SIM-locked to their networks.

Cheap SIM Only Deals

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Javascript is OFF. Your Cart is currently empty. Sign In or Create Account.

Smartphone users can top up using the Warehouse Mobile App: Download the Android app here Download the iPhone app here.

We value our editorial independence, basing our comparison results, content and reviews on objective analysis without bias. But we may receive compensation when you click links on our site. Learn more about how we make money from our partners. New Zealand draws in tourists at a rapid rate, more than 3 million per year. Because of this huge influx of people, competition among SIM card providers is fierce. This is good news if you are visiting New Zealand for pleasure or business, as you will be able to choose from many options.

Skinny mobile - Auckland - New Zealand Forum

Oh dear! Looks like you have JavaScript turned off, our website may behave unexpectedly. Not done? Plan compared to comparable monthly single customer unlimited plan price with hotspotting included. Standard person to person text and calls. No rollover, purchase of Data Binge or gifting.

What Are The Best Phone Plans For Travellers In New Zealand

Basics New Zealand has three mobile network operators: Spark is the next biggest mobile provider with 3G and 4G networks only and no fallback to 2G and good 3G coverage for devices that use the MHz frequency see below. Vodafone and 2degrees claim coverage of Generally people rate Vodafone's network as the best, with Spark being a excellent alternative particularly in rural areas. Skinny, Skinny Direct and Warehouse Mobile focus on prepaid products. SIM cards in New Zealand don't need to be registered and some of them are sold with a top up ready for use at airports. Vodafone Vodafone is still the market leader in New Zealand. It has a good overall network in 4G, 3G and 2G at a range of prices.

Grab a $1 Skinny SIM

Strapped for cash. Kiwi mobile phone providers now offer a range of low-cost prepaid plans for the consumer on a budget. It pays to take a stocktake of how much calling, data and texts you use each month before signing up to anything. This is because cheap mobile phone plans are only good for customers using small amounts of minutes or data. If you go over your allocated amount of calling or data in the month, you could face high costs or find yourself without data until your plan rolls over. All of these plans are pre-pay, so you pay in advance. This also means you cannot get a deal on the latest phone and pay it off:

Best prepaid SIM card for New Zealand

Just because your planning on hitting the road in New Zealand, doesn't mean you should be without your favourite socials or have to miss out on what's going on with friends and family back home. Some campervan hire companies provide WiFi bundles in their vans, but if you are looking for a more robust mobile data solution for your time in NZ, we research who is offering the best voice and data services for those who want to use their own handset while on their adventure. When you touch down in New Zealand, you're probably going to start looking for network service on your phone. Let's face it your going to need to make calls, connect with people on social media, schedule your activities, book accommodation, surf the internet … the list goes on. So we take a look at ways of getting data and talk time on your own handset for your adventure in New Zealand - but the short answer is Realistically, here are the 3 most obvious options for your road-trip But for most people the cost of global roaming on their home contract can be exorbitant. The data levels available to you are normally pretty stingy and your telco at home will sting you like Mohammed Ali if you go over any of their voice or data roaming threshold. At the end of the day, the cost and efficacy of Global Roaming will entirely come down to your contract details with your home provider and the length of stay in New Zealand. A 5 day trip to the country would probably suggest that Global Roaming is the way to go, but for those planning 2 weeks or longer, then this is probably the most expensive option.

New Zealand

Prepaid mobile top up continues to bring customers into your store while delivering strong revenue potential. Activata retailers can sell top ups from all major brands Vodafone, Spark, 2degrees, Skinny. Can be used to top up a Spark was Telecom mobile phone or mobile broadband. See ezetop. Available in denominations: Auckland Wellington Christchurch Email us. Retailers We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store. Retailers the right hands. Prepaid Mobile Top Up.

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You can use the Spark app to top up your mobile using a voucher, debit or credit card or set up auto top up or auto renew. The billing cycle renews every four weeks 28 days. If you've got a Spark voucher, follow the same steps above. When you get to step three, select Voucher after Continue. Follow the instructions on screen. You can also set up an automatic renew. Follow the same steps as above. Then at step seven, you'll see more information on auto renew. You can also set up an automatic renewal for extras. Then at step five, you'll see a white button next to Auto renew. You'll need to top up to complete the purchase of your Value Pack or Extra. You can also set up an auto top up. You need to sign in to MySpark if you haven't yet. Top up. If you haven't used MySpark you register using your email address and account number.

Until fairly recently, though, those visitors have been less impressed with the state of Internet access in the country. With expensive, slow Wi-fi the norm even in hotels and cafes, plus high prices and tiny data allowances on most cell plans, staying connected in the country used to be a costly, frustrating exercise. Things are changing, however. The rollout of fibre networks and unlimited broadband plans is slowly helping the Wi-fi situation, and a little competition has helped bring prices down in the cellular market. Got travel insurance for your New Zealand trip yet? A good policy can cover you for all kinds of sticky situations, from medical emergencies to canceled flights, theft, lost luggage, and more. We've been using World Nomads for over a decade. Companies We recommend Spark or Skinny for most travelers You may be able to save a bit of money with Vodafone There are three mobile networks in New Zealand. Competition is limited between the three companies, with similar, relatively-expensive prices across the board.

Hi, wife's friend and wife she is doing all the planning and not told him much are visiting NZ next month and we are loaning them our Skinny mobile phone. The SIM has stopped working so they will need to get a new one. I have looked on the website whuch mentions Christchurch and Queenstown airports but not Auckland or Wellington not sure where they are arriving as. Is there anywhere in those airports that they can get a Skinny SIM? Because Skinny is the budget brand of Spark, there is less retail support i. Their SIMs are sold through various shops e. The Warehouse and most supermarkets. The alternative is to unlock - it might be free: Thanks for the info. They are in their 70's and not that good with tech and not sure if they would manage with unlocking it.

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