Pokemon platinum coupon poketch

Pokemon platinum coupon poketch

Pokemon platinum coupon poketch

Listed in each section below is the in-game description of its app, followed by its in-game location and further information about it. Don't be late for meetings with your friends! The Digital Watch Japanese: There is also an analog clock app , which unlike its digital version is not available from the beginning. It's perfect for figuring out math questions that might pop up.

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum Walkthrough:

Listed in each section below is the in-game description of its app, followed by its in-game location and further information about it. Don't be late for meetings with your friends! The Digital Watch Japanese: There is also an analog clock app , which unlike its digital version is not available from the beginning.

It's perfect for figuring out math questions that might pop up. The Calculator Japanese: It is a basic calculator, with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division apps usable. The Hearthome Gym in Diamond and Pearl asks the player basic math questions to figure out the proper path to the Gym Leader. Getting them wrong results in Trainer battles; most of them wonder why the player didn't just use the Calculator app to get the right answer.

If the calculator attempts to display an answer that is above ten digits, or one that is invalid like a dividing by 0 error , it will show question marks. There's an eraser, too, just in case you make a mistake. The Memo Pad Japanese: It is a notepad for Trainers to use while out in the field to draw or write e. It automatically counts steps. Touch the button to reset it. The Pedometer Japanese: It is most useful for out-of-battle poison damage, Egg hatching, Amity Square items fetching, battling with the Vs.

Seeker , and Great Marsh excursions. It is also instrumental in accessing the Surf glitch. When the counter reaches 99,, it simply rolls back to 0. Touch them to hear their cries. Their HP bar is also displayed. Touching the screen resets and updates the display. Touch the screen. The Friendship Checker Japanese: Touch the radar screen. If there is an item nearby, it will respond. The Dowsing Machine Japanese: Coronet Platinum , or near the Route junction Diamond and Pearl. Similarly to the Itemfinder and Dowsing Machine , it displays a radar field divided into four quadrants corresponding to northwest, southwest, etc.

Touching the field sends out a "ping", and if a hidden item is near where it was touched, a ping will repeatedly show or a dot will blink, indicating where it is relative to the user. The user must then position themselves to be beside the hidden spot not directly on top of it , then face the item and press "A". When done properly, the player will find the item. Some hidden items can only be revealed by touching their exact location on the Dowsing Machine, instead of just nearby it.

It indicates the presence of Berries in areas you have already visited. The Berry Searcher Japanese: It displays a basic Sinnoh map similar to the Marking Map and shows where mature Berry trees are located in any areas already visited. The Day-Care Checker Japanese: Touch the button and count whatever needs counting. The Counter Japanese: It counts anything players choose to; upon press of the button on the bottom screen, the number goes up by one. The short hand indicates the hour, and the long hand shows the minute!

The Analog Watch Japanese: It is an alternative to the digital watch, with the same touch-light feature. Drag marks to places on the map that you want to remember. The Marking Map Japanese: In Platinum , the legendary birds can also be seen after they begin roaming. Touch the screen to get a list of people using wireless communications. The Link Searcher Japanese: A wireless signal icon is also displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen. While active, until the menu is opened, the player moves, or something is talked to, DS Wireless Communications are enabled and so the DS 's battery drains somewhat faster.

The Link Searcher can only be used while standing still. Moving will cause the Wireless Communications to end. If you can't choose between two choices, a coin toss might be handy. The Coin Toss Japanese: When the screen is tapped, a Magikarp coin will be flipped. Switch the attacker and defender types to see what is effective. The Move Tester Japanese: Touch any date to change its color.

Touch it again to change it back. The Calendar Japanese: The current day is boxed. Touching the same dot makes its color turn darker. The Dot Artist Japanese: A different type of drawing pad, this one allows the player to change the shades of the screen's large pixels by touch. There are four different shades each square can be. Upon reception, it contains the text "Touch! Unlike the Memo Pad, the image on the Dot Artist is retained even if one switches Apps, leaves an area, or turns off the power.

Draw numbers, items, or whatever on the wheel and give it a spin! The Roulette Japanese: Alongside the blank roulette wheel on which choices may be drawn are a spin button, a stop button, and a reset button. The Trainer Counter Japanese: Touching an icon plays its cry. Set the time with the center button, then start the countdown. The Kitchen Timer Japanese: It is a timer with an alarm.

The timer pauses when the DS is closed. Slide the switch to select one of eight colors. The Color Changer Japanese: The greater the number of hearts, the better likelihood of Eggs. The Matchup Checker Japanese: How quickly can you zip through the Cycling Road? The Stopwatch Japanese: However, it was never distributed in any event. It is the reverse of the Kitchen Timer , counting up instead of down.

Set the alarm time with the lower button. The top button turns it on. The Alarm Clock Japanese: It sets an alarm to ring at a certain time. The alarm will ring for the entire minute unless it is switched off or another app is open. President that the Friendship Checker app was in the works. She used the application again in Hungry for the Good Life! Backlot 's mansion. In A Maze-ing Race! She used the Coin Toss numerous times during her journey with Ash and Brock.

For instance, in Playing The Leveling Field! Rosebay , a character who appeared in A Staravia Is Born! In Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! For example, Diamond uses the Dowsing Machine app to track down a wild Lickilicky 's hiding place and traces its movements with the pedometer in order to defeat it in Luring in a Lickilicky.

Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Chapter 4: The Path To Oreburgh City

The player can obtain new apps during their journey. Here are the locations where you can find the three clowns. As known where the clowns are located and that they are only giving you the coupons when you get the question right that they have for you. Each three questions are yes or no answers questions. The three questions are:. It is more modern looking and more hi-tech.

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Once you arrive at Jubilife City , Dawn, expectedly, will talk to you. In Platinum, the two of you will bump into a mysterious Shady man who introduces himself as the "globe-trotting elite of the International Police", aka Looker. He'll give you a Vs. Recorder , used for recording matches.

Pokemon Platinum Glitch

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I have 3 coupon to get Poketch, but I can't get the poketch. Why I can..

Head left past where Dawn was, and you'll be well on your way down Route The new enemies here—Shinx and Kricketot—can be captured or simply fought whatever you prefer—we captured both to fill our fledgling ranks. They'll be joined by old foes in Bidoof and Starly. You'll encounter your first Pokemon Trainer battles en route to your next destination as well. Youngster Tristan will automatically engage you in battle with his level five Starly as you come up a pathway and begin heading rightward. Lass Natalie, another trainer, can be found further to the right past the blue board with some game tips. She'll throw two Bidoofs at you, both level three. If you head rightward, northward, and then leftward from her location after defeating her, the third and final trainer in the area, Youngster Logan, can be found. This kid will have a level five Shinx—take it out ruthlessly! Continue leftward after defeating Youngster Logan.

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough - Jubilife City walkthrough, tips and guide. Find more about Pokemon Pt at Walkthrough Wiki! Walkthrough Meet Barry at Trainers' School! Meet Looker, an International Police officer. Receive the Vs. Recorder from Looker.

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum Walkthrough:

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Answers. How do you get Poketch in Platinum version I have 3 coupons from clowns but can't figure out how to give the? I keep going to the man but he keeps saying Ah it is you! Have no fear. There are no shady characters about.

Pokemon Training from Levels 1-100

So I'm still continuing my Nuzlocke series on Pokemon Platinum and I know its pretty crappy but oh well lets get started Xb. And the layout for the playthrough is not owned by me but it is edited by me which it still looks bad anyways do I apologize for that Xb. So I came out of the Pokemon center in Jubilife City and went on to continue on to my journey. But aparently this man came up to me and stopped me on my tracks when I was on my way to Oreburgh City. He came up to me and asked me why I didn't have a Poketch yet? I was questioning in my head "what the hell is a Poketch? I was wondering how I could get one of these Poketches without the use of spending any money and he told me to find three Clowns with Coupons and if I find all three of them then I may obtain my Poketch. So I found the first Clown near the Pokemart and I asked him for the Coupon but he said I had to answer his question in order to obtain the Coupon. I hesitated and really hate clowns so I just asked what the question was.

I am thinking you get it from the poketech company.

You can even get a few cool things by doing so. Forgot password? Advertiser Content. Account Name. Password Forgot password? Keep me signed in. Sydney, Australia. Respond Ignore User Report. What did you think of the Poketch and its apps? I absolutely loved the Poketch, I think it was an awesome nifty little feature added to the Pokemon games, I still mis this thing: Most of them were actually very useful, like step Counter, Happiness Ratings and Time:

Jubilife City is the biggest city in Sinnoh. It's the closest city to Twinleaf Town the player's hometown. The city does not have a gym. You can have up to 21 people in the GTS in the Platinum version. Head towards there to pass him the Parcel his Mum have requested. There is a spare Town Map in his parcel and decided to gives you the extra.

How do you get the poketch I have the coupons all 3 but I don't where to go or what to do after that it's driving me insan and what do you do with the coupons Plez plez plez help me plez if you do help me thanks. I'm pretty sure that you either talk to the guy who told you about the coupons, or you talk to the president of the poketch company. The president is in the building left of the Giant building with the t. I don't know what he looks like, so just talk to everyone in that building. It is alright, it can be kind of confusing if it is your first time playing that part of the game. After you get all three coupons from the three clowns scattered around Jubilife City, talk to the man that issued the challenge to you. He should be in front of either one of two buildings. He will either be in front of the Jubilife Television station, or he will be in front of the Poketech building. Hope this helps. If you are still looking for help with this game we have more questions and answers for you to check. Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer.

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