Mandalay bay shark reef coupon code

Mandalay bay shark reef coupon code

Mandalay bay shark reef coupon code

This post will compare each of the major tourist attraction discount passes available in Las Vegas. The following section will explain the general differences between each type of pass and how they work. This information can help you to pick the type of discount service you want. While some passes are easy to use whenever you want to save money, others will only provide savings on a specific number of attractions. Make sure to consider whether or not ease of use is more important to you than the cost of the pass itself. This type of attraction pass will provide easy access to dozens of attractions over the course of a specific period of time.

Shark reef mandalay bay las vegas coupons

This post will compare each of the major tourist attraction discount passes available in Las Vegas. The following section will explain the general differences between each type of pass and how they work. This information can help you to pick the type of discount service you want. While some passes are easy to use whenever you want to save money, others will only provide savings on a specific number of attractions.

Make sure to consider whether or not ease of use is more important to you than the cost of the pass itself. This type of attraction pass will provide easy access to dozens of attractions over the course of a specific period of time. Rather than paying for each individual activity, you will pay for access to the pass for anywhere from consecutive days.

The main advantage of an all-inclusive pass is that you can usually use it whenever and wherever you want without pre-purchasing tickets. This can make it a lot easier to see and do everything you want while on vacation. The main disadvantage of this pass is that it is usually the most expensive option. Even so, you can usually save much more money and enjoy many additional activities when you use an all-inclusive pass.

Rather than paying for access to dozens of activities over a day period, a flex pass will give you access to different attractions for one low price. The primary advantage of this pass is that you will only be paying for the attractions you want to visit. Flex passes are also usually active for much longer than an all-inclusive pass — some for up to 30 days!

This option will allow you to pick as many attractions as you want and save a specific amount of money on all of them. While you are limited to activities with the flex pass, the opportunity to build your own pass will allow you to choose even more fun things to do. You pay a preset price for a certain number of activities with flex passes, and if they are already pretty affordable, you might not save as much money as you could by building your own pass.

If there are a lot of smaller, less expensive things you want to see or experience, this could be the way to go. Although this will help you save money on more attractions, you might want to compare the savings between building your own pass and picking an all-inclusive pass. A lot of the activities included with this option are also offered by all-inclusive passes, and you might be able to get them for cheaper than the overall cost of building your own pass.

In addition to passes which provide access to a variety of different attractions, there are also some services which focus more on specific activities. These attraction passes will typically offer discounts on food, drinks, nightclubs, day clubs, and even thrill rides. While some of these passes will only include discounts at specific locations, others offer unlimited admission to rides or clubs in Las Vegas.

Some deals are better than others, and you may even want to consider combining one of the more affordable options with another pass. This section will include everything you need to know about the all-inclusive pass options in Las Vegas. We will cover a variety of subjects such as prices, attractions included, how to use the pass and any special services that might be included.

This is the most popular attraction pass in Las Vegas and for good reason. The pass is activated when you visit your first attraction. Conveniently, this pass is available either as a traditional card that you can put in your wallet or a mobile pass which you can access on your smartphone. Purchase or learn more about the Las Vegas Pass. Depending on how you use the Las Vegas Pass, you could easily save a lot of money.

This also makes the all-inclusive pass an excellent option for visitors who plan on spending at least a week in Las Vegas. In addition, this service also includes both a guide and a map of the city, making it much easier to find each attraction. The Las Vegas Pass is valid for 12 months after its date of purchase. This allows you to purchase your pass during a sale and take advantage of it several months later, potentially saving money on airfare as well!

This attraction pass is similar to the Las Vegas Pass above, though it includes free entry to fewer attractions. When you purchase a 3, 4 or 5-day pass, you can choose one of the following premium attractions in addition to the standard attractions. Premium Attractions choice of one. Purchase or learn more about the Go Las Vegas Card. Your pass is valid for the remainder of Monday 1st calendar day and the two days immediately following- Tuesday 2nd calendar day , and Wednesday 3rd calendar day.

So be sure to get up early to get the most of your pass! One nice feature of this pass is that you have one year from the date of purchase to activate your pass. If your trip gets postponed, no problem. In this section, we will provide all of the necessary details for the flex passes you can get in Las Vegas. We will include pricing information, how to use the pass, what types of activities are offered and how much money you can save.

This is the flex pass version of the Go Las Vegas Card. You will have a relaxing 30 days in which to visit your choice of attractions. Like other flex passes, it will be important to consider the value of each attraction before choosing what you want to do so that you can save the most money. Just some of the attractions to choose from: Purchase or learn more about the Las Vegas Explorer Pass.

The more attractions you choose, the more you will save. The Explorer Pass offers a great deal of flexibility. You can choose which attractions to visit in advance or decide as you go. Once it has been activated, you will have 30 days to visit each of the attractions you choose. While flex passes give you the opportunity to pay one flat price for a set number of attractions, building your own pass allows you to save a specific amount of money on as many activities as you want. This section will provide details about how much money you can save and what types of services you can enjoy.

This pass will allow you to select 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 different attractions to visit. Much like the Go Las Vegas Card, you will have the opportunity to get a premium pass which includes access to special activities such as a Grand Canyon tour or a helicopter ride. Purchase or learn more about the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass.

In this case, the best way to save is by getting a premium pass. One of the biggest advantages of the Las Vegas Sightse eing Pass is that it is fairly open-ended. Much like many of their competitors, the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass can be purchased up to 12 months before you intend to use it. You will have a full year to activate the pass and another month to use it.

As a result, this could be a great option for either locals or visitors from out of town. Since the savings are capped at a set percentage, there are even more activities than usual to choose from. The only catch here is that you must pick your attractions at the time of purchase instead of choosing them as you go. Some customers may prefer the open-ended freedom of either a flex pass or an all-inclusive pass over picking their activities ahead of time. Just some of the attractions you can choose from: We will be comparing the price for three choices.

Purchase or learn more about the Build Your Own Pass. As you can see from the potential savings, you could actually save more money on some activities by building your own pass instead. The opportunity to build your own pass is the best way to save on lower cost services. If you have any interest in seeing Carrot Top live or taking a VIP Pawn Stars tour, this is going to be the best way to save money on those activities with an attraction pass.

Much like the Explorer Pass and the Las Vegas Go Card, this pass is valid for one full year after the date of its purchase. This means that travelers can buy it well in advance and then search for the best airfare prices over the course of the next year. Once it is activated, you will have 30 days to enjoy all of the activities you have chosen at your leisure. You will also have 30 days after purchasing the pass to return it for a full refund if you decide not to use it after all.

This section will provide information about how much you can save, what services are included and how much each pass will cost. Las Vegas Bite Card. Although the name might imply that this is specifically a restaurant pass, the Las Vegas Bite Card also includes discounts at various shows, tours, attractions, and even a wedding! This is the definition of a discount pass, as you will have access to a variety of discounts at several locations.

This makes it an excellent option for both locals and visitors from out of town. The more you plan to do and see in Vegas, the more money you will save with this pass. The only problem with this card is that you will probably have to use it for a lot of different things in order to actually save a lot of money. Depending on how frequently you use it, this could be a great deal.

Purchase or learn more about the Las Vegas Meal Ticket. This pass can save you a lot of money and make it easier to pick a good place to eat. That said, visitors who want more variety might find another discount pass more preferable. This pass will grant you entry into nearly 50 different clubs and venues in Las Vegas. Much like an all-inclusive pass, all you need to do is show your V Card to get free admission at each included location.

Much like their competitors, this pass provides access to several different clubs and lounges in Las Vegas. While the cover charge will be waived at many locations, others offer either guest list access, free drinks or even free limos. The main difference between the Vegas Party Pass and the V Card is that they have half as many clients. That being said, their list of venues includes some pretty big names, so you may want to consider this as a cheaper alternative. The Vegas Party Pass is intended for an adult audience and it provides access to a lot of venues that are off-limits to children.

Think of this as the less extensive and much more affordable version of the V Card. In addition to free admission and other services, this pass can also be used for special discounts at certain venues. Rather than just getting one ride, this pass will grant you unlimited rides on all three of their main attractions. Although admission to the observatory itself will not be included, you will find that it is available with almost every all-inclusive, flex and build your own pass in Las Vegas.

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Shark Reef Aquarium

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. For tucked away in the a corner of a busy casino in the Mojave Desert, lies a fun and informative world-class aquarium, that offers a quiet, peaceful reprieve form the action-packed noise and excitement of the Las Vegas Strip just outside its doors. Since its opening in the summer of , the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay has been a hit for both families looking for fun things to do with kids on the Las Vegas Strip , as well as regular gambling visitors just looking for something different than the typical shows, bars, games, and nightclubs of Sin City. In fact, the aquarium receives around 1 million visitors a year. The underwater tunnel at Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. This popular attraction is situated on the far south end of Mandalay Bay, near the convention center.

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At Shark Reef, you ll encounter more than 1, different species of sharks, tropical and fresh water fish, reptiles, marine invertebrates and rays totaling about 2, animals among 2 million gallons of seawater. This is an the aquatic experience of a lifetime. Book online to save! Reserve before: Sharks are online one feature of this incredible attraction. Save when you book your Shark Reef tickets online today! The 1. Tropical fish, fresh water fish and 9-foot long sharks all call the aquarium at Mandalay Bay home.

Which Las Vegas City Pass Is Best?

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Mandalay Bay Promo Codes

Does anyone know if there is a coupon or where we may get a discount to visit the Shark Reef? It adds up. We stayed at Mandalay Bay and can t beleive they didn t offer discounts to guests. Sorry, have never seen a discount to Shark Reef! Nor the Secret Garden at the Mirage. I honestly didn t think it was worth full price when I went. If you have been to any decent sized aquarium- you may be disappointed. But I know others found it worth the price.


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Shark Reef Aquarium

No frills, just deals at the all-new LasVegas. The top site for Las Vegas travel deals on hotels, shows and things to do on your next Vegas vacation. Go to the Shark Reef website, it has all the details for the dive stuff. The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay encompasses nearly 2 million gallons of water and reaches depths of 22 feet. After walking forever to get to it, we had to stand in line for 30 minutes, to pick up our tickets. Mandalay Bay offers an exciting Las Vegas experience from the sandy beach to the beautifully remodeled rooms. Mike San Jose, California Reviewed 1 week ago via mobile Pretty Spectacular This aquarium is not large, but there is a good variety of exotic fish and other sea life including pretty cool sharks and rays that swim right over you in the walkway tunnels. You can also save money on your vacation to Las Vegas by searching online coupons for. Get Mandalay Bay Promo Codes. Save some for the slot machines and book your stay with Mandalay Bay Las Vegas coupon codes and specials.

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

While brilliantly designed hotels, restaurants with innovative cuisine and card tables galore captivate visitors by night, daytime is perfect for a little undersea exploration. Over a million gallons of water fill the tanks that are home to over 2, sea creatures—creatures that are housed in three different themed exhibits. Spot species like the Komodo dragon, the green tree monitor, the Burmese python and the unique golden crocodile. The Jungle is also home to the fascinating South American piranhas. The transition to the Temple takes visitors through the Reef Tunnel. Inside the Temple area, the main attraction is the massive saltwater touch pool that fills the room. Other tanks in this area are home to plenty of jellyfish, a giant Pacific octopus and the poisonous lionfish. The final exhibit, the Shipwreck, places visitors in the sunken cargo hold of a mock pirate ship—one surrounded by a 1.

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